Other than Turkey and Greece, Croatia is one of the most popular blue cruise destinations with more than thousand islands in Eastern Europe. Many bays, crystal clear water, interesting coves, architectural heritage that spans several millennia and amazing coastline creates a perfect atmosphere for your blue cruise in Croatia.

Our boats are based in Sibenik, 50 mins drive from Split airport but our itineraries can start and end in Dubrovnik, Trogir, and Sibenik according to your choice. Some other ports and islands can be available according to the availability of the boat as there are many other routes available to the North and South of Split. Zlarin, Kaprije, Zirje, Kornati, Dugiotok, Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Vis, Lastovo and Mljet are some beautiful islands to visit. From Renaissance times onwards the pastoral atmosphere of these islands attracts visitors longing for relaxation and rest.

There are many different alternative events for everyone in Croatia. Peaceful islands, vineyards, nightlife, festivals, historical places, crystal clear waters, National Parks, lakes and so much more. Exploring the country from land and sea will be an interesting and unforgettable journey for you.

The reservations start and close very early for Croatia boats. The number of weeks available for cruising are very limited as the season starts from late May and ends at mid-September. June, July, and September are the most preferred months and August is the last month to fill up. The average temperature in the sailing season is around 36-38 degrees.

There are many shore excursions you shouldn’t miss.
• Wine tour. You should definitely take a tour and visit those vineyards with which Croatia is very proud of.
• Krka National Park – a natural super wonderland with 17 waterfalls as high as 45 meters.
• Plitvice Lakes National Park. It links 16 terraced lakes and joined by waterfalls, which extends into a limestone canyon.


Sibenik, the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic, is located in the most protected natural harbour, in the centre of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, at the mouth of the beautiful Krka River. The must see places with the shore excursions are St. James Cathedral, St. Michael Fortress, St. Nichola’s Fortress, Kornati National Park and Krka National park

Our 1 week program starting from Sibenik and ending again in Sibenik is;
Day 1: Sibenik (Embarking @ 17.00)
Day 2: Sibenik – Zlarin
Day 3: Zlarin – Kakan
Day 4: Kakan – Kornati
Day 5: Kornati – Zadar
Day 6: Zadar – Vodice
Day 7: Vodice – Sibenik
Day 8: (Disembarking from the boat @ 09.00)


Dubrovnik (aka The Pearl of Adriatic) is one of the most important blue cruise destinations in Europe and in Croatia. Recently the number of visitors has been increasing and the popularity of this historical city is boosting by foreign tourists who prefer Dubrovnik to visit. There are many natural beauties and historical places in Dubrovnik, which is a fortified city, characterized by its high walls and ceramic-tile roof tops.

Our 1 week program starting from Dubrovnik and ending in Trogir is;
Day 1: Dubrovnik – Sipan (Embarking @ 17.00)
Day 2: Sipan – Mijet
Day 3: Mijet – Pomena – Korcula
Day 4: Korcula – Hvar
Day 5: Hvar – Brac
Day 6: Brac – Solta
Day 7: Solta – Trogir
Day 8: Trogir (Disembarking from the boat @ 09.00)


Trogir, located 25 km north of Split, has a history which dates more than 2000 years back in time. Due to its geographical position between the main land and the Island Ciovo, Trogir was an important city to conquer for all the rulers along the Adriatic coast. Over the years Trogir has been Greek, Roman, Venetian and even French, all of them has to some extend contribute to the cultural heritage of the city.
In 1997 Trogir´s (old town) was inscribed in UNESCO list for world heritage. The old town island has one of the highest church densities in the world and beautiful buildings in the Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque architectural style.

Our 1 week program starting from Trogir and ending again in Trogir is;
Day 1: Trogir (Embarking @ 17.00)
Day 2: Trogir – Brac
Day 3: Brac – Hvar
Day 4: Hvar – Vis
Day 5: Vis – Komiza
Day 6: Komiza – Stari Grad
Day 7: Stari Grad – Solta
Day 8: Solta – Trogir (Disembarking from the boat @ 09.00)

Another 1 week program starting from Trogir and ending in Dubrovnik is;
Day 1: Trogir – Solta (Embarking @ 17.00)
Day 2: Solta – Brac
Day 3: Brac – Hvar
Day 4: Hvar – Korcula
Day 5: Korcula – Pomena – Mijet
Day 6: Mijet – Sipan
Day 7: Sipan – Dubrovnik
Day 8: Dubrovnik (Disembarking from the boat @ 09.00)

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